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The New Rules for Housemaids in the UAE and the 5 Jobs Added to WPS

December 15, 2022 marks the start of new housemaid rules in the United Arab Emirates. The new regulations require domestic workers to sign a standard employment contract that clearly outlines their rights and obligations, including how much they’re paid, how long they work, and when they get a break. Also, employers have to provide health insurance and cover the cost of getting the worker back and forth. The new rules aim to ensure fair treatment for domestic workers, including a weekly day off and an annual leave for housemaids.

The New Rules for Housemaids in UAE 2022

There are a lot of domestic workers in the UAE, including housemaids, nannies, and cooks who come from countries like the Philippines, India, and Indonesia. However, there have been concerns about the treatment of these workers, including reports of abuse, long working hours, and inadequate pay.

As a result of the new rules, employers have to provide workers with adequate accommodations, food, and medical care. In addition to these basic rights and protections, housemaids in the UAE will also be given a day off a week and annual leave on top of all these basic rights and protections.

As a whole, the new rules for housemaids in the UAE are a great step towards a more equal and fair working environment for domestic workers. As part of its commitment to building a just and equitable society, the UAE ensures that everyone has access to basic rights and protections.

A new salary payment rule took effect in April 2023

From April 1, UAE employers became obliged to register their domestic workers in the country’s wage protection system (WPS). More professions should be included in this salary scheme.

The WPS is an electronic salary transfer system that allows institutions to pay wages via banks, currency exchange, and financial institutions that have been approved and authorised to provide the service.

On April 1, 2023, 5 domestic worker professions were added to the system:

  1. Private agricultural engineer
  2. Public Relations Officer (PRO)
  3. Housekeeper
  4. Personal tutor
  5. Personal trainer

Is there a minimum wage for domestic workers in the UAE?

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) doesn’t title a wage application for domestic workers, as do Yemen and Saudi Arabia, according to the International Labour Organization.

What are the penalties for employers who violate the new rules?

Employers who break the old or new rules for housemaids in the UAE 2022 could face fines and penalties. The exact penalties depend on the severity and nature of the violation.

For example, employers who fail to give housemaids a day off each week might get fined depending on how many days they deprived the worker of their rights, which may also include compensation for any damages or losses the worker suffered.

There are instances where employers may also be charged with a criminal offense if they abuse or harass a housemaid. For example, if an employer is found guilty of physically abusing or harassing a housemaid, they may be sentenced to jail time plus fines.

There’s nothing better than seeing the UAE government take the rights of workers to the next level and do everything possible to protect them. Any employer who violates these rules faces serious consequences, both financially and legally.

New penalties being implemented include:

  • Fines of between Dh20,000 and Dh100,000 and up to six months in prison for those who provide false information or fake documents to employ domestic helpers.
  • People who hire unlicensed workers, recruit staff but do not provide a job, or use permits for domestic workers for purposes other than those for which they were issued will be fined a minimum of Dh50,000 and a maximum of Dh200,000.
  • The same penalty applies to those who close recruitment agency operations without settling wages owed to domestic workers.
  • Those who employ a worker under the age of 18 years or assist a worker to abscond or shelter absconding workers with the aim of exploiting them in illegal activities face fines of up to Dh200,000.
  • Fines of between Dh200,000 and Dh1 million and jail time of up to one year can be imposed for attempting to employ a worker ― on a full-time or temporary basis ― without a permit and misusing login credentials for the ministry’s online portal.
  • Fines related to employing unlicensed workers will be increased based on the number of workers, up to a maximum of Dh10m.
  • Penalties will be doubled for repeat offenders.

“The new law sets a comprehensive legal framework that outlines the obligations of both parties and helps recruitment offices provide exceptional services that achieve comfort, satisfaction, and happiness for employers and employees alike.” the ministry said.

Other than the new rules, what are the rights of housemaids in UAE?

In addition to the basic rights outlined in the new rules for housemaids in the UAE, domestic workers are entitled to other rights under the country’s labor laws. These include:

  1. Right to medical care: Employers must provide housemaids with access to medical care, including emergency medical treatment when needed.
  2. Right to privacy: Housemaids have the right to privacy, and should be provided with proper accommodations that give them the privacy and dignity they need.
  3. Right to end-of-service benefits: When a housemaid’s contract ends, the employer must pay them end-of-service benefits, which may also include a gratuity payment.
  4. Right to complaint: Housemaids have the right to lodge a complaint if they feel their rights are violated or if they face abuse or mistreatment. The UAE government has set up a number of channels, including hotlines and complaint centers, to help domestic workers report violations.

Overall, the UAE’s labour laws aim to protect the rights of all workers, including domestic workers. By ensuring housemaids have basic rights

and protections, the government is working to create a fair and just society for all.

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