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What We Offer

A destination for comfort you can count on with Muqeema packages

Traditional Package

Get long-term housekeeping for two years of convenience.
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Flexible Package

Enjoy flexible contracting and flexible payment.
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Transfer Package

Stay hassle-free with the helper’s transfer of sponsorship to Raha.
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Count on Raha’s Stay-In Muqeema Housemaid Services for your Comfort

If you’re looking for the convenience of a live-in, full-time maid service, domestic helpers hired by Raha will fulfill that and more. Read more about Raha, contact us for inquiries, and book the service today. Get the help you need around the house when you opt for our Muqeema service by highly qualified housemaids and indulge in an immaculate home on your own terms. Enjoy affordable cleaning services with our unmatched prices and flexible packages.


Seamless Contracting

Book our services within just a few clicks.

Multiple Packages

Pick a package that suits your lifestyle best.

Highly-Trained Workers

Interview our highly-trained, certified domestic helpers and choose from multiple nationalities.

Hourly Services

Launching Soon: Hourly home cleaning with flexible scheduling for more convenience.
Raha Advantages

An abundance of services curated for you

Packages: Muqeema services come in multiple packages to choose from.
Nationalities: Choose from Ethiopian, Ugandan, Philippines and Indonesian.
Emirates: Serving +7 Emirates all over the UAE
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SMASCO obtained a record-breaking certificate for holding the largest training course given to 2030 workers in 2018

The Saudi Recruitment Company (SMASCO) ranked first in the world as the largest provider company to train domestic workers, thus surpassing the Indian Rajkot Municipal Company, which ranked first last year in the same category, by holding the largest training course in the world for 2030 female domestic workers.

This was achieved by SMASCO for its leadership in manpower training, as the company has been striving to organize various training programs that meet the needs of the Saudi manpower community, including hands-on training for the necessary skills to work at home, in addition to educating the trainees from both genders on the habits and traditions in the Saudi society.

It is worth-mentioning that SMASCO has trained approximately 10,000 domestic workers so far, of whom 14K female workers are still currently actively working and have succeeded in gaining the trust of Saudi families. So far some of these workers were able to hold their jobs for 6 years.

The CEO of the Saudi Recruitment Company, Saad Al-Baddah, received a Guinness Book of Records certificate Record at a ceremony held for this occasion, which was attended by a group of media professionals and leaders in the company.

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Seamless experience

Raha App

Download the Raha app now and enjoy our reliable services and seamless contracting.

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Explore Raha’s Hourly Cleaner Services for Your Convenience

Raha Office in UAE

Visit our Raha branch and experience comfort like you never knew before

Piter Bowman

Creative Director

raha office

raha office

What Our Clients Say

Big thanks for Ms reem al yamani for helping us to find a good maid that fit our needs . I had a wonderful experience dealing with Ms reem and she gives us great level of service.

Sawsan Fahad

خدمة وتعامل رائع … بداية من اختيار العاملة وحتى المتابعة بعد الاختيار من خلال الاتصال الهاتفي ومعرفة تجربة العميل ..والحرص على رضاه قبل انتهاء فترة ضمان العاملة .. وعن تجربتي الشخصية كان هناك تعاون جميل وتقدير من مديرة قسم سعادة المتعاملين استاذة / ابتهال بالرغم من انتهاء فترة الضمان .. فلها جزيل الشكر على هذا التعاون


الخدمه جدا ممتازه وسريعه مع الموظفون الذين قابلتهم في المركز الاخت روضه والاخت خديجه والاستقبال الاخت غزل مع كل الاحترم والتقدير لهاؤلاء الموظفات. مع office boy شكرا لمركز راحه.

Saeed Alkaabi

Very good reception welcoming..maitha have good service . Mrs Ibtihel have best supervision on completion of all services on time fast efficiently.

Ali Ben Ali

صح ما أخذت خادم من عندهم لكن تعاملت معاهم وحاولوا جاهدين تلبية طلبي لكن لم يكتب الله لي النصيب أن آخذ خادمة من عندهم رغم استمرارهم في التواصل معي .. شكرا راحة المنزل لرقي تعاملكم وتواصلكم معانا

حوور المرزوقي

موظفين المركز محترفين في شغلهم و خاصة خديجه ، خلصت شغلي في وقت سريع ، و تعاملهم ممتاز و موقع المكتب ممتاز، وشي زين كل شي متوفر عندهم لتخليص المعاملات مثل الهويه و للتامين و الفحص الطبي

Hassan Ali

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